Installation of Python 3

There are few steps which helps you to Download and Install python on your PC

Step-1: Search “” (or click) on google or any browser

Search in google
Search “” in google


Step-2: Click on Windows or Mac OS X under Downloads according to operating system

Select Windows under Python org downloads
Select “Windows” or “Mac OS X” under downloads

Step-3: Then scroll down for the version you are looking, here we are going to download Python 3 version 3.7.2 for windows 64 bit.

Click to start download for Windows 64 bit “Windows x86-64 executable installer

Click to start download for Windows 32 bit “Windows x86 executable installer

Download windows x86 64 executable installer
Download 64 bit Python executable installer

Step-4: Go to the downloaded folder generally will be downloads, right click over downloaded python setup file and “Run as administration”.

Downloaded Python file run as administrator
Python file Run as administrator

Step-5: Tick Add Python 3.7 to PATH then click on Install Now

Install python
Install Python

Then, Python Installation will start.

Python Setup in progress
Python – Setup in progress

Step-6: After successful setup you will receive a message Setup was successful, then close the window.

Python Installation Successful
Python Setup Installation Successful

Step-7: Search Python or IDLE in  search bar. Open IDLE (Python 3.7 64-bit) your might be different.

IDLE python 3.7
IDLE python 3.7

Then Shell window of python 3.7 IDLE will open

Python Shell Window
Python Shell Window

Step-8: Go to file and click New file or press shortcut key to open new file file in python “ctrl + n

Create New Python File
Create New Python File

Then Editor window will Open, where we will do programming

Python 3 - Editor Window
Python 3 – Editor Window

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